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Fave Food Review: Tuck Shop

This will be the first in a new series, quick reviews of favorites foods of mine, and where you can get them.
Today I am gonna get to talking about Tuck Shop. This little gem of a place is located on what some might call the center of NYC … 1st and 1st (when I say little, I mean little)! Right off the 2nd Ave F-train subway stop on the north side of 1st street just a few steps west of 1st ave, you’ll step downward into this itsy bitsy, delicious smelling hole-in-the-wall.
Originally introduced to me by an old acquaintance, Tuck Shop is a meat pie Mecca for those who have had Australian meat pies before. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the meat pies from here are in my Top 5 Favorite Foods list, and depending on the day, the are number 1. Often. The traditional beef is available, which I highly recommend as a starter for anyone who hasn’t had these, but my go-to is the pulled pork with coleslaw.

Below you can see how it arrives. I had already poked a hole through the crusty, buttery top because I wanted this baby to cool off as fast as possible so I could dig in sooner than later. The coleslaw is on the side, but any good human being knows that coleslaw belongs on top of or inside of anything it is paired with.


As you can see in the background, I have a Coopers Pale Ale, which is a necessity as well. An Australian beer, Tuck Shop offers three different kinds – the Pale Ale (pictured here), the Mild Ale (yellow label), and the Sparkling Ale (red label). It pairs deliciously as a fresh and crisp beverage to wash down with the hearty meat pie filling.


Here you can see how I set it up to begin to dig in. They give you the perfect amount of coleslaw to cover the top of the pie with a nice layer to filling ratio. Then, very important, the Sriracha! Nothing tops off this delicious sweet and savory meat pie better than good ole green-top. For pretty picture purposes, I drizzled it over the top of my assembled meat pie, but usually I’ll just squeeze out a pile to dip eat bite into. For me, the more hot sauce, the better! The great thing about Sriracha is that its so much more than additive spicy, it’s got a super garlicky flavor that really just enhances the flavors of whatever you put it on. I’m really glad that Tuck Shop has this on the side.


I’m pretty sure it takes me all of 5 minutes to indulge and clean the plate. I refrained from licking my place setting dry because there were quite a few people in the shop and I was sitting in the window 🙂

The pulled pork is so juicy, it’s sauce oozes out and is perfect for soaking up with the crust. The crust is firm, but not chewy, buttery and somewhat flaky… it is the perfect compliment to the delicious filling.

So, if I haven’t already convinced you with pictures and words… you need to stop by Tuck Shop and grab yourself one of their amazing meat pies. For just $6… it’s so worth it!



Seeing that this was my first-ever food review, I’d love to hear some feedback on how I did, so I can improve and provide better info for future reviews! Thanks!


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